Ours is a one owner FD3S. We drove it off the lot in 1993.  We have taken it through our own evolutionary path and understand that the vast majority of us are drawn to modify and evolve our cars to reflect our own personality.  Regardless of particular model, as passionate Rotary Engine Car owners, we all understand the nuances of the care and feed our vehicles thrive on.


Initially, we are focusing on providing a subtle but very practical, useful solution to the Fuel Pre-Mix Apex Seal Lubrication aspect of the Rotary engine.

Whether a week-end tourer or a daily driver, we feel we can make your Pre-Mix refueling both more simple and inconspicuous.

In the future, we will explore introducing selected items derived from those that we have either developed or added value to, when including in our FD3S build.


Idemitsu Racing Lubricants    Apex Seal Pre-Mix Touring Kit 

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