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About Scuderia Littel

Customer kart racing | Erda - Utah | Established in 2019 | Race Above the Standard

What we do:

Scuderia Littel is a customer kart racing team based on-site at Utah Motorsports Campus in Erda Utah. We offer a complete range of shop and trackside services for kart owners. Established in 2019, Scuderia littel compiles years of experience from team members who have raced, coached and wrenched all over the world.

Together with industry leading technical partners like GFC Karting, and our convenient, on site location at a world class racing facility, it is now easier than ever to get started in karting. With sales, storage, service and support, you will never have to worry about not being prepared to hit the track again.




We offer the largest and most diverse fleet of publicly available professional style karts in Utah. Ranging from 2 horsepower child training karts, to 100mph capable shifterkarts. It has never been easier to experience what real racing drivers experience by driving the same kart used by the pros. The same equipment, the same speeds, the same thrill.

When you drive with Scuderia Littel, you aren't just renting a go-kart, you are enjoying full trackside mechanical support, professional driver coaching and unmatched hospitality. You become a member of our team.


Who we are:



Ayrton has been involved in Kart racing since the age of 6, Previously a professional racecar mechanic, he transitioned to a full time coach and driver. In 2019 he helped create Scuderia Littel. When he isn't on track driving for GFC Karting, or in Utah touring cars, he is probably in the shop helping to keep your kart at it's best.

Career Highlights:

-2021 Rok Sonoma 100cc Sr. Vice Champion

-2021 Utah 6-Hour Enduro Champion: E1

-2020 Utah Touring Car Champion

-2018 Can-Am Pro Shifter Vice Champion

-2017 Utah Shifterkart Champion


Team Principal

Director of Operations



It takes a lot of work to keep a race team functioning at its full potential. Luckily Emilio help us make sure we are ready for anything. Always a friendly face you can turn to on race weekends, and always there to lend a hand so your experience is the best that it can be.


Lead Instructor



One of Utah's most accomplished drivers to date, Bruno first stepped into a kart at the age of 4. Since then his career spans the entire globe in everything from GT Cars, to Formula 3. Odds are, he has been there and done that, now he is happy to share his driving experience with you as out lead driving instructor.

Career Highlights:

-Professional E-Sports Racer

-2019 Formula Renault Vice Champion

-2017-18 FIA Formula 3 Driver

-2016 SCCA Formula Car Challenge Champion


Lead Mechanic


Few people have a longer history in Utah kart racing than Kaiti. With an extensive local background she knows our local track better than most and has the mechanical knowledge to keep your kart competitive.

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