The Fill Service is available as an added value only to customers that have purchased both the Apex Seal Pre-Mix Kit and at least two bottles (64 oz) of Idemitsu Pre-Mix Oil.  The remaining oil can be shipped over to you, or we can hold it for you at our Cellar and (like any accomplished Sommeliers), we'll have it waiting for you when you are ready the next time.

Apex Seal Pre-Mix™ Kit Fill Service

  • As soon as you use all the 2.5 oz RotorBottles™  (Qty 16) in your kit, you send us the container with all 16 empty RotorBottles™ and we refill it with fresh Idemitsu Pre-Mix Oil from your stash in the Cellar (if any leftovers remain), or you purchase another bottle and the process goes on.

    Clearly it would be adventageous to own 2 kits to be able to have one on rotation and always have a filled Pre-Mix Touring Kit within reach. We are here to give you options, choices and service.  Which option to choose is your decision.