Chassis Blueprinting and Straightening

Chassis, Axle and Steering Shaft Straightening on our Chassis Table,

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Service Description

Racing is racing and accidents will happen. Stop throwing away good money replacing out-of-round axles or worse, an entire go kart. Chassis Analysis: $19.99 With our state of the art chassis blueprinting equipment we are able to measure your chassis across dozens of critical inspection areas and check for any irregularities. Chassis Straightening: $89.99 After a complete analysis, if we find your chassis in need of straightening you will have the option to proceed. Axles and steering shafts: $19.99 The 3 most common chassis failure points in a karting incident are tie-rods, axles and steering shafts. While tie-rods are inexpensive and easily replaceable, the later two are expensive losses. However most of the time bent axles and steering shafts are repairable and reusable.

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