Chassis Setup & Corner Balancing

Front End Alignment | Scale Pad Balancing | Weight Distribution

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Service Description

A Racing Kart can be thrown in or out of balance with the slightest adjustment. Most critically when deciding where to place your ballast. These services focus on the critical details of your chassis dynamics. Scale setup and corner balancing: With corner balancing, you can ensure even weight distribution to the tires ensuring optimal chassis performance and handling. Suit up as we setup you kart to simulate an exact race setup, install setup wheels designed specifically for this purpose and sit you in your kart for an exact weight measurement. From there we can provide you detailed feedback on your chassis current balance, as well as assistance adjusting and perfecting this balance Front end alignment: In addition to time on the scale pad, a front end alignment can not only play a huge role in chassis handling, but also in weight distribution. We double down and include a complete check and necessary adjustments to your front end alignment as part a complete analysis experience.

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