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Race 1 Report: Let it snow

The opening round of the 2021 Utah karting season was quite literally an "ice breaker".

With Saturday practice seeing temperatures well below forty degrees, very few drivers braved the cold conditions. Turning the most practice laps of the weekend in the series was Collin Ruess in his new 100cc Jr GFC. Taking advantage of the situation as a wet weather driving boot camp with driver coach Ayrton Littel.

Sundays racing saw some of the most unpredictable weather conditions seen in years. Including two different visibility delays due to extreme snow flurries. Rapidly changing conditions forced us to stay light on our feet with kart setup, and race strategy throughout the day.

100cc Masters driver Perry Needham was right at home in the difficult conditions, working his way up through the senior class and at one point running second overall in the heat races.

Eventually we were given a reprieve from the harsh conditions with dry conditions for the main events. All 3 drivers would start on the front row in each respective class. With 100cc Sr. driver Bruno Carneiro putting the Scuderia Littel arrive & drive kart on pole.

Bruno would fight back after a rough opening lap to finish in second place, with Perry Needham continuing his win streak into 2021. Collin Ruess would come round out a full set of Scuderia Littel podiums with a comfortable 2nd place finish. A promising first showing for the young driver in his 100cc debut despite the difficult conditions he faced all weekend.

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