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Raceday Support for Kart Owners

Trackside support options for kart owners on UMC Kart racing events

$250 Per-Day

Join us under the Scuderia Littel garage with your own kart and take your race weekend to the new levels.

Enjoy Access To:

  • Indoor pit area, fully equipped and dedicated to you and your kart

  • Lounge area with healthy amenities.

  • Data analysis office with video review and coaching form professional racing drivers. 

  • Shared setup information and tuning support keeps your equipment competitive

  • Access to a full supply of kart tools and mechanical equipment

  • Our mechanics are ready to lend a hand to help you make sure you never miss a session


We support all kart manufactures and classes. Prior to enjoying your first racing event with us, we recommend scheduling a visit to our trackside shop, so we can insure your kart is fully prepped and ready to hit the track. You may also consider a team membership. Keep your kart professionally stored and maintained on-site so you are always ready to hit the track.

Scuderia Littel team membership holders can enjoy exclusive pricing on Shop services and Raceday support. For information on how to become a member, visit our Team Memberships page.

Contact Details:

512 Sheep Ln, #102, Tooele, UT 84074

+ 408 612 9900

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