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Coaching Days for Kart Owners

Lead-Follow | Wheel to wheel | Video & Data analysis | Driving theory | Setup tuning

Custom tailored coaching days starting at $300 

Welcome to Scuderia Littel Coaching days. Here we aim to compile our knowledge as racers, and mechanics, into an easy to understand day of learning for all experience levels. Learn new skills and refine your kart in a custom tailored learning environment for all ages and skill levels.


Learn key driving techniques on the racetrack with lead-follow sessions, or even by going wheel to wheel with an instructor.

  • Learn about about driving principle and technique in our trackside classroom with video and data analysis that is easy to understand.​​

  • While trackside you can also lean important fundamentals of kart setup. One of the most important skills any driver can have is the ability to identify kart behavior on track, and accurately relay that information to a mechanic. Maybe you even want to apply that to your own setup work between sessions. We will show you what is needed to make a winning kart setup, and how to achieve it in the pit lane, all while we help to improve both kart, and driver performance.

  • No matter your age, experience level, or what kind of kart you drive, with our custom tailored experience you will leave with more confidence as a driver, and faster lap times.

 Contact us today to schedule a customized, 1 on 1 training day around your goals.​

Contact Details:

512 Sheep Ln, #102, Tooele, UT 84074

+ 408 612 9900

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