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Full Synthetic Manual Transmission/Gear Oil - As used in the Mazdaspeed Co Ltd's Mazda 787B R26B 4-rotor, 1991 LeMans winning Racecar.

Idemitsu Manual Transmission/Gear Oil 75W-90

SKU: SL7590
    • Formulated Specifically For High Performance Gearboxes

    • Enhanced Film Strength Provides Excellent Durability and Wear Protection

    • Advanced Extreme Pressure Additive Package Improves Performance Under High Load Conditions

    • Superior Shear Stability Ensures Viscosity Retention Under High Stress Operations

    • Provides Smooth Shifting Across All RPMs with exceptional Wear Protection & Durability

  • Items must be in their original, unused condition in order to be returned. Items must be returned within 30 days of purchase.
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