What driver safety gear is required?

  • A karting specific or full-face motorcycle helmet with a Snell rating of M2010 or higher is required.

  • Close toe shoes are required. Something with a thinner sole is recommended.

  • Close fingered gloves are required.

  • Any karting style driving suit is required for raceing. Long pants/sleeves that do not leave any exposed skin are acceptable for track day events. Fire resistant car suits do not offer abrasion protection and are not recommended!

  • Neck restraints such as foam doughnuts are highly recommended for track days and are required for race days.

  • Rib protection vests are highly recommended and required for all children and Shifterkart drivers.

  • Limited karting gear is available upon request. Contact us ahead of time if you are in need of any of the equipment listed above


How long is a race day or track day?

Race days: Race days usually begin at 8:00 am. You need to arrive by 7:30 am to have enough time for registration and to get ready. Each race day is sanctioned by Utah Motorsports Campus and includes 1 warmup session, 2 heat races and one feature race. There is a 30 minute lunch break and the day will normally end with awards at approximately 3:00 pm.*

Track Days: During Scuderia Littel Supported track days we setup shop on the track pitlane instead of the day garages, otherwise the same amenities are provided relative to race days. Track days are offered in 4-hour packages as either AM or PM days. Occasionally we will offer back-to-back "full days" offered as separate half day entry fees. AM track days run from 8:00am-12:00pm, while PM track days will run from 3;00pm-7:00pm Track days provide a much more relaxed schedule than race weekends and are perfect for casual driving, testing or driver development.

*(Race day schedule is determined by the series and may vary)

What is Included when book an Arrive&Drive track day or race day?

Our goal is to create a full service trackside experience. When you book a day in one of our racing karts, you aren't just renting a kart, you are joining an experience filled with all the resources and amenities of a professional racing team. Including:

  • Full mechanical support, we will make sure your equipment is tip-top and competitive, every session.

  • Driver coaching using state of the art data analysis and video reviewed by one of our professional drivers.

  • Driver hospitality and lounge so you can relax between on-track sessions.

Can I join Scuderia Littel track days and race days with my own kart?

Of course! We support all kart manufactures and classes. Prior to enjoying your first track day with us, we recommend scheduling a visit to out trackside shop, so we can insure your kart is fully prepped and ready to hit the track. You can also consider a team membership. Keep your kart professionally stored and maintained on-site so you are always ready to hit the track.  

Can I book a driver coaching session privately?

Yes! While coaching feedback, video review and data analysis from one of our experienced pros is included as a part of all of our days, you can also book private instruction for added benefits such as wheel to wheel practice, lead-follow instruction, and test&tune kart setup.

More information on our Coaching program can be found here:

Do you have a Release of Liability Form?

A Release of Liability will be available on-site. You may review/download the Form here, or reach out to us if you have any questions